Hello!  Thank you for joining me at Sewl Sister, a company founded on creating and marketing hand-sewn, inspirational clothing and products for everyone.  Not only do I design and create, I also empower others with seamstress skills!  I want to share my passion for sewing with the world!

My first personal design includes the Tea Tote.  The Multi-Versatile Tea Tote is BOUND BY THE SEAMS WITH LOVE, and each pocket eagerly awaits your personal items such as tea bags, make-up and business cards!  Show us how you use your TEA TOTE by posting on social media with: #whatsinyourTEATOTE

Click HERE to see how to use your TEA TOTE!!

I'm also excited to be offering local classes to those wanting to learn sewing skills and those wanting to brush up on their current seamstress capabilities.  Whether you want to learn how to sew on a button, or learn how to piece a wedding ring quilt, and everything in between, I will help you get there!

I will also be adding DIY tips and projects here that will be FREE to you, so you can personally stir your SEWL with sewing!

Thank you for stopping by and send me a "Hello!" at hellosewlsister@gmail.com, I'd love to hear from you!