The why

Sewl Sister was founded on creating and marketing hand-sewn, inspirational clothing and products for everyone.  Designing and creating from throw-away and landfill fabrics, it is our mission to live in a world with ZERO landfill fabric waste. As such, we partner with companies locally and abroad, to source landfill fabrics in order to create something beautiful out of these wasted raw materials. Scrap fabrics are used for most of the products and projects we create.

We are also about lifting and empowering of the human race. With each purchase, you support organizations that assist with moving people out of human trafficking.  We also teach sewing in local communities to those effected by human trafficking, to give back another skill to each individual, to create beauty again.

Style & Quality

Fabric designs are carefully picked to create the perfect product with a unique sense of style and elegance to fit into your life and give you the kind of style that your "sewl" is looking for.


100% Handmade

These items are designed, handmade, and unique in every way.  Therefore, there will be slight differences in each and every product that you purchase from Sewl Sister.  I hope you take pride in knowing that you are getting a one-of-a-kind personally made item. 


I'm a lover of all kinds of crafts and creativity.  It feeds my "sewl".  I'm a wife to a very supportive husband of 11 years, and a mom to 3 beautiful children.  I was born and raised in Canada, and my parents still reside there.  I have one sister who is living in Chicago and was the inspiration for my very first quilt!  I currently live in Oklahoma, where my in-laws live also.  My whole family is my biggest support system.   I love to travel and go to quilting fairs and events.  I love to speak to motivate others to find what stirs their "sewl" and help find their happy in what they do. My goal is to continue to bring sewing into the lives of all who live on this planet and to do so in a meaningful, giving way.